Don't Let Plumbing Issues Bring Down Your Business

Don't Let Plumbing Issues Bring Down Your Business

Our plumbing contractor can handle all your commercial plumbing needs in Kennewick, WA

Columbia River Plumbing & Mechanical LLC is a reliable commercial plumbing company that serves business owners in the Kennewick, Washington area. Faulty plumbing can cause serious damage to your business and even force a shutdown. We can help you avoid such issues by installing your plumbing correctly. You can also trust us to repair your commercial plumbing in a hurry.

Hire us to:

  • Repipe your place of business
  • Install plumbing at your new construction site
  • Remodel your plumbing
  • Repair your faulty plumbing
  • Add sewer and water lines
Call today with any questions about our commercial plumbing services. Our qualified plumbing contractor can explain our services in more detail.

Check out the benefits of hiring a commercial plumber

Are you looking for a dependable plumbing contractor? Look no further. Columbia River Plumbing & Mechanical provides commercial plumbing services in Kennewick, WA and surrounding areas. Hiring a commercial plumber makes sense because they:

  • Know how to service commercial grease traps and sewage lines
  • Have the equipment needed to replace outdated pipes
  • Can repair your plumbing quickly and efficiently
  • Can offer advice on keeping your plumbing working properly
Hire us to repair or install plumbing in your hotel, industrial facility, school or restaurant. We can make sure your bathroom and kitchen plumbing works efficiently.